Monday, August 20, 2012

The Life of Lancer Lum - Chapter 1

Now, I may be small, but I can do anything...Except climb the stairs.

Hi, my name is Lancer. I am a nine week old German Short-hair Pointer, and today I was finally adopted out of the shelter. I was beginning to think that I would never have a family of my own after my litter mates were each adopted out what seems like ages ago. I said good bye to my mum, who wished me good luck and told me to remember everything she's taught me so far about why being a family dog was an important role. I told her I would always remember, as well as remember her, and that I loved her very much.

Just as I was being taken away to be put in this small cage I saw a small tear form at her eye that was twinkling with pride. I wagged my tail good bye for her as I was placed into this weird thing that seemed to move us a lot faster than I ever could run. I was scared at first, but I remained brave my momma, though she could not see me if my courage had faltered anyway. Since moving this fast wasn't actually hurting me, I decided it couldn't be all that bad, right?

After what could have been easily hours, or even minutes went by, we finally came to a stop and the woman from the shelter stepped out of this thing we were in and came over to let me out. She took me out of the cage and walked to a door to a house. At least I think it is a house, my mother tried her best to explain it all to us before from memory. It was only a minute before the door opened and a strange lady opened.

At first, the site of her unkept hair startled me. The humans exchanged words, and then I was handed over to the woman. Now I call her Gammie. But then, I was shaking some and unsure of my new surroundings as the woman from the shelter waved her hand and walked away, Gammie closing the door a second later. This was it. There was no going back. This was where I was to stay.. gulp.

After a few moments though, of Gammie holding me, and gently petting my fur atop my head I began to calm down some. She must have noticed I was shaking because she continued to do this for a few minutes before she asked me if I wanted a treat. A treat? I had never heard of this before.  She sat me down on the ground and put her hand in her pocket before pulling it out and placing it near my nose for me to smell. And wow did whatever she have in her hand smell good! Me! Me! Me! I want a treat!

Nom nom, so far this place is great! That was the best thing I have ever tasted. While she was feeding me some delicious treats as she called them her husband came home. She refers to him as Gampie when she is talking to me. So far, I love it here. Family life is the way to be... but who is this Lawrence character she keeps mentioning to me? Saying he was going to be so excited that he finally was going to have a puppy.. oh, I'm a present for.. does that mean I wont be able to stay here any more?

Only time will tell. 

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